Now is the Time to Empower Your Consumers With Cocoa’s Miraculous Health Benefits

Cocoa is prized for being one of the greatest sources of polyphenols; and it is particularly rich in flavanols, which generate extremely potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. There has been a plethora of research on the benefits of Cocoa. These include:

Boosting Cardiovascular Health

Cocoa’s flavonoids comprise highly beneficial plant-based compounds such as procyanidin, epicatechin and catechin. This fantastic omnipotent trilogy promotes blood pressure health, among other cardiovascular positive effects.

Balancing Cholesterol

Cocoa has been known for lowering bad (LDL) cholesterol, supporting good (HDL) cholesterol, and reducing triglycerides [1].

Terrific Antioxidant Value

Research indicates that Cocoa boasts more antioxidants than red wine! [1]

Reduced Risk of Diabetes

“The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition confirmed that cocoa reduces insulin resistance. This is significant," says the National Institutes of Health, "because this resistance can reduce the risk of diabetes” [1].

Better Cognition

The flavonoids in cocoa have been found to ameliorate cognitive function. In fact, they improve blood flow to the brain, thus helping to boost: memory, processing ability, and attention span [1].

Reduced Blood Pressure

Cocoa boasts high levels of the amino acid, tryptophan. This is thought to help reduce blood pressure, and generate serotonin, the well known anti-stress neurotransmitter [1].

Healthy Skin

Studies have shown that the flavanols in cocoa could ameliorate skin that has been degenerated by environmental toxins and UV sunlight. Further, a report published in the Journal of Nutrition, notes that: “Cellular studies and results from oral treatment and topical application studies in both animals and humans provide evidence that cocoa polyphenols, especially those belonging to the flavanol family, can offer effective photoprotection” [2]

And More...

Furthermore, the Journal of Nutrition report also states that: “the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of cocoa polyphenols may constitute the basis of the possible anti-tumor promoting effects of these phytochemicals” [2].

Summing Up

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