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Organic natural
vitamins & minerals

Extracts from organically grown plants have the advantage of providing cleaner health-boosting nutrients that are free of toxic agricultural chemical residues.

Multivitamin Complex

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin C

Organic Vitamins

Organic natural vitamins from plant extracts offer greater nutritional value than their synthetic counterparts. Because all-natural forms of vitamins have improved bioavailability compared to synthetic forms, they are more easily recognized by the body, which enables them to be readily absorbed and used to support your health. Plant-derived vitamins work harmoniously together with antioxidants and other natural ingredients to boost their overall health impact, and vitamins B, C and E are good examples of this





Organic Minerals

Did you know that because our bodies are unable to innately produce minerals, we must obtain them from our diet? This is why they are called essential nutrients.

Different minerals uniquely impact various important fundamental processes, so adding high-quality, easily absorbed minerals into your products can help consumers: better reinforce and maintain bone health, augment healing capabilities and improve conversion of food into energy to more effectively propel the body’s proper utilization of vitamins and other nutrients.

Many minerals, however, are actually difficult for the body to absorb and process, and so, for this reason, CAIF offers chelated minerals in our portfolio to help address this issue.