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CAIF (Concentrated Active Ingredients & Flavors, Inc.) is a supplier of premium, naturally sourced ingredients. Our comprehensive portfolio encompasses a broad range of botanical & tea extracts, fibers, fruits & vegetables, as well as plant-based solutions, sweeteners, flavors, and vitamins & minerals.

Armed with an innovation mindset and a strong commitment to our partners in the food & beverage, dietary supplement, and pet food industries, we closely monitor scientific breakthroughs in nutrition and actively work on new product developments and technologies to help improve the bioavailability of superfood nutrients.

About Us

More than 25 years of experience

Founded in 2016

3 sales offices in the US

Portfolio of 700+ products

40 employees
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Botanical Extracts

CAIF's portfolio covers an exciting array of naturally-sourced botanical extracts in various different forms. The bioactives in the botanical extracts consist of researched-backed health promoting ingredients such as vitamin C, carotenoids, polyphenols, anthocyanins, and many more!

Fruits & Veggies

Our impressive range of premium quality, brightly colored fruits and veggies, which come in various forms such as powder, flakes, and cubes, provides your products with superior nutrition which will have a truly positive impact on your consumers' health, well-being, and brand loyalty.

Plant-Based Drivers

CAIF's exciting choice of top quality naturally sourced plant-based proteins, which boast countless research-backed health and wellness benefits, are set to fill the massive demand for the millions of consumers who want to buy planet-friendly, health-supporting, cruelty-free alternatives.

Vitamins & Minerals

CAIF offers a variety of vitamins and minerals. From organic natural minerals, such as calcium, to chelated minerals - these have gone through a process to combine minerals with amino acids to produce proven research-backed, easily absorbable 'complexes,' which in turn provide optimum health benefits.

Natural Shelf-Life Extension

By switching to natural antioxidants and relinquishing synthetic additives such as sodium erythorbate (used in fish and meat products), industries see that CAIF's antioxidants (e.g. natural rosemary and natural acerola extracts), have superior performance in inhibiting oxidative reaction.


We offer an unbeatable range of natural flavors. This range comprises: sweet and savory options of tropical fruits, chocolates, seasonings, and more. As well as heat resistant flavors specially designed for pet food and animal feed.



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